our projects

Our company has implemented many projects and contracts in various fields including communications, CCTV and all modern technologies


* Providing and installation of Motorola wireless radio communication system for Babylon Police Department

*Providing and installation a repeater type Motorola MTR 3000 with tabletop device type DM 4601

* Two-Way radio devices type Motorola DP 2600

*Installation of PBX of 500 lines type Panasonic

*Providing Spare Parts for radio devices

*Maintenance and Rehabilitation contract for Iraqi Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Private Branch Exchange System (Pbx) type Nortel Meridian which includes:

* Providing Pbx system cards

* Providing telephone devices type Nortel Meridian

*Optical and Coaxial cable installment contract with Iraqi Ministry of Internal Affairs.

*Providing spare parts for radio devices ( Icom, Sepura, and Motorola) for Ministry of Interior

Providing welding devices and checking optical cable to the Directorate of Communications and Informatics at the Ministry of Interior



cctv systems

* Installation of video surveillance screens for Babylon Police Department

*Providing and installation of video surveillance cameras for Babylon Police Department and its sub-branches (Department’s headquarter, Directorate of Communications, city entrance checkpoints)

* Site fit out contract for leadership office in Ministry of Internal Affairs which includes:

* Interactive monitors

*video surveillance cameras

Contract for installation of surveillance cameras, screens and work requirements to the Office of the Deputy Minister of Interior.

Providing and installation of video surveillance cameras for Coca Cola Company in Iraq, ( Alwaha Factory)

*General Directorate of Nationality and Passports
*General Directorate of Middle Euphrates Oil
*Haydariah Electricity Directorate
*Marjan Medical City
*Al-Noor Children Hospital
*Al-Qasim Green UniversitY

*AL-Hawraa caravans Company
*BDC Mall
*Al-Kokh Shopping Center
*Babylon Governorate Divan
*Babylon Health Directorate
*University of Babylon College of Medicine
*University of Babylon College of Dentistry
*College of Science for Women, Babylon
*Babylon Water Directorate
*Municipality of Griq, Hillah, BabyloN
*Babylon Investment Commission
*Teacher’s Union
*Babylon Intelligence Directorate
*Al-Diwaniyah Police Department


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